Head Back to School & Work with the Perfect LED Task Lamp

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Those lazy, hazy summer days are winding down. Before you know it, the kids will be back in school, work schedules will return to normal, and college students will move back to their Boston dorms while the occasional moving truck inevitably hits one of the Storrow Drive overpasses. It’s a wonderful time of year!

Another wonderful thing to help you ease back into the routine? LED task lamps. See, an LED task lamp is perfect for the classroom, the dorm room, and the room you call your home office. Why? Well, a good task lamp will put light where you need it. In other words, no more strained eyes due to dim lighting.

Here are a few of our favorite LED task lamps, all of which are equal parts stylish and functional.



1. Koncept Mosso Pro. This is a showroom favorite, and no wonder. There are so many fabulous features, such as the effortless maneuverability of the lamp and arm and the ability to choose color temperature – 2700K to 5000K for bright, energizing light as well as warm, relaxing illumination. We stock these in black and silver, and this includes USB charging with the fixture so you can maximize the efficiency of your desktop. Here’s our original writeup here.



2. Cerno Silva. Known for its inventive use of wood and metal, Cerno Lighting is one of the newest additions to our showrooms. The Cerno Silva is an LED table light that beautifully casts a warm glow to the table surface, thanks to its wood-veneer shade. Check out this cool lamp in person in Allston and Waltham.



3. Artemide Fiamma. We love the Fiamma’s sleek look. But it also works great, too. You can easily adjust the directional head, and the anti-reflective shade will keep your eyes happy for hours on end. Talk about a win-win.



4. Koncept Z-Bar. Koncept refers to the Z-Bar as “the slim LED lamp that started it all.” The fixture is fully adjustable and dimmable, and it comes in a variety of fun colors, making it ideal for dorm rooms everywhere. Pick up your favorite color today in Waltham or Allston.



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