Head Back to School (& Work) with Designer Desk Lamps

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We hate to state the obvious, but the summer of 2015 is fading fast. In a few short weeks, everyone will be heading back to school and work, and those lazy days by the pool will be nothing more than a fleeting memory.

Don’t worry we’re not going to leave you on such a sad note. Here’s something to cheer you up. 


Say hello to our designer desk lamps, which are waiting for you to add to the right dorm room, home office, off-campus apartment, office cube, study, or den.

1. Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp from Koncept. When it comes to desk lamps, Koncept is a visionary designer creating sleek, easy-to-move products like the Mosso Pro, which is a favorite in our showrooms.

Koncept describes it like this: “Delivering a phenomenal 99 lumens per watt efficiency, Mosso Pro changes light colors from warm to cool and anything in between. An intuitive built-in touch strip allows for effortless continuous dimming.”

Not only that, but the occupancy sensor will turn off when you walk away (a must-have for anyone who forgets to turn off lights, like kids). Check it out in person: the Mosso Pro is on display in our Waltham and Allston lighting showrooms.


2. Z-bar LED Desk Lamp from Koncept. In addition to providing added lighting, desk lamps should also complement your space. The Z-bar desk lamp does this beautifully, thanks to its innovative design and various color options. The touch-control dimmer is a fabulous feature as well. As Koncept notes, the Z-bar is the “slim LED lamp that started it all.” 

In the video below, you’ll see how flexible this lamp is, although you should stop by our Allston or Waltham showrooms to check out the Z-bar in person so that you get the full effect.



3. Tolomeo Table Lamp Series from Artemide. These fully adjustable table lamps come in many colors (the Tolomeo midi LED table lamp pictured below comes in an aluminum finish). These lamps provide ideal lighting for a wide variety of tasks, including reading, studying, paying bills, and so forth. Stop by one of our showrooms to view the wide color selection.



4. Lite Source Adjustable Table Lamp. When it comes to desk lamps, adjustability is essential, and this lamp from Lite Source does not disappoint. Plus, it’s great for people on a budget (think college students!). Available in our Waltham and Allston showrooms, you can choose from one of three sleek finishes black, white, or polished steel.

Remember, our friendly lighting consultants are always happy to help answer questions. Stop by one of our showrooms or make an appointment.


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