Go Back to School in Style with Our Favorite LED Task Lamps

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Before you know it, we’ll be talking pumpkins, turkeys, and Christmas trees, but until then, it’s all about back to school (and work).

Head back in style with a fabulous and functional LED task lamp from Koncept.

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First, here’s a primer on task lighting:

1. What is task lighting? Unlike ambient and accent lighting, we use task lighting to better see work surfaces. Kitchen counters, bedside tables, desks, and workbenches all benefit from specific lighting fixtures that cast light down to make chopping, reading, writing, drilling, and other work easier to see and with less eye strain to boot.

2. What should you keep in mind when selecting a good task lighting lamp for your desk?

  • Dimming. Too much or too little light can lead to strained eyes. Choose a desk lamp with dimming capabilities so that you can regulate output as needed.
  • Flexibility. You should be able to easily adjust the lamp. All of our favorite desk lamps are easy to adjust for perfect glare-free light.
  • Size. Always consider size. For example, you’ll likely want a lamp with a longer arm for a larger, wider desk.


Koncept: The Leaders in Dedicated Task Lighting

Founded in 2002, Koncept is an award-winning LED manufacturer specializing in floor and table/desk lamps for home and office use.

Here are some of our current favorites from Koncept. Note: All the fixtures below are on display (and generally in stock) in both showrooms.

Z bar mini.jpg

1. Z Bar Mini. This lamp puts the “fun” in functional. You’ll love how the line of LEDs casts even light, not to mention the easy-to-move arm allows you to direct the light where you need it. This is a great option for college dorm rooms (you can choose from many vibrant colors to match whatever vibe you’re trying to achieve). It’s also available as a floor lamp.

Mosso Pro.jpg

2. Mosso Pro. Thanks to the tunable color temperature and “tappable” dimming function, you’ll be able to easily dial into the prefect light for whatever task you’re doing. It also comes with a USB port and an occupancy sensor. And the floor lamp version is just as cool.

Equo Desk Lamp.jpg

3. Equo Desk Lamp. You’ll love the counterbalanced arm with its “touchstrip” for continuous dimming and on/off control. We keep this on display and stocked in Warm Light (3500K) with a Black finish.

Gravy small.jpg

4. Gravy Desk Lamp. The Koncept website describes it best: “Picture the latest LED technology wrapped up in a warm wood finish. That’s Gravy – a low profile, compact desk lamp that brings style and warmth to your home or office.” This fixture is unique in style and also has fantastic light output. Simply tap to turn on/off or dim. This fixture was the winner of JDP’s Good Design Award 2013. It was also a Spark Awards 2013 SPARK! Winner.

Stop by a Wolfers Lighting showroom soon. Our lighting consultants will be happy to help you find the perfect desk lamp for your home, office, or dorm room.


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