Follow Up: Incandescent Light Bulb Phase Out Stalls

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In August, we reported that the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 would phase out general service bulbs starting in the New Year (For full details about this Act, click here). However, new developments conclude otherwise.

Congress recently pulled the plug on the incandescent light bulb ban by eliminating the funds the Department of Energy would need to enforce it. Some praise this decision – claiming consumers should have the freedom to choose what kind of light bulb they want. The industry, however, has already moved on. Lighting manufacturers continue to rethink the incandescent bulbs, making them better and more efficient.

While the stalling of this Act might give these “energy-guzzling” light bulbs a bit more time on the shelves, it looks like they won’t be saved for long, as the industry continues on its path of creating energy efficient and green lighting solutions.


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