Fall is a Great Time to Audit Your Home’s Exterior Lighting

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It’s easy to think exterior lighting isn’t important during the fall and winter months since we’re not spending as much time outside. But here’s the thing: exterior lights are incredibly important year-round in terms of safety and security and more so this time of year, thanks to shorter days and less sunlight.

After all, do you want to be responsible for the trick-or-treater who falls on your darkened path? Or do you want to make it easy for a burglar to break into your home, thanks to a shadow-filled entryway?

Of course not.

So follow these tips and conduct your own audit of your home’s exterior lights. Trust us you’ll be glad you did.


1. Walk around your home during the day and evening. Pay attention to your entire house front, back, and sides as well as any other buildings, such as sheds and garages. Note broken or burnt out lamps and identify areas that could benefit from an extra light source.

  • Do you notice any patterns? Do you find yourself tripping in the same places? Illuminating these areas could help.
  • Are there any blind spots meaning locations where someone or something (like an animal) could slip in undetected? Again, lights especially those on sensors could help scare away the interloper.
  • How are the doorways and pathways? Remember, you’re not only making it safe for guests who come and go, but for everyone in the house as they go about everyday chores, like letting the dog out or bringing out the trash.

Again, pay attention to the whole house and yard.

  • Pro tip: Decorative fixtures near doors and pathways will also improve curb appeal.

2. Consider floodlights for even washes of light. We’re not talking your grandmother’s floodlights, either. Today’s floodlights are equal parts functional and stylish. In fact, many are available in a variety of finishes and even decorative styling so that you can extend your design aesthetic to the great outdoors.

Not only that, but they work like a charm. Thanks to smaller fixtures and LEDs, these lights offer sleek profiles and energy efficiency to boot.

  • Pro tip: Place floodlights at a high angle, because this allows a large, soft spread of light, which will help diminish dark or blind spots. Motion sensors work well, both to increase energy efficiency, but also to surprise and dissuade animals and intruders.


3. Use landscape and outdoor decorative lighting to enhance safety and security while adding flair. Accent lighting and lanterns can enhance the look of your home after dark while also adding much-needed illumination to your yard, entryways, and walkways.

Favorites to consider include lanterns form Hinkley Lighting and outdoor wall sconces from Hubbardton Forge.

Rab Security.png

4. Consider making changes to your exterior security lighting. Remember, lighting used for security purposes can be an economical way to keep your home and grounds safe. A great option? The RAB LED bullet light. These two adjustable 12W LED floodlights are the equivalent to 2x75W BR30/halogen/wide floods. Not to mention the LEDs enjoy a 100,000-hour lifespan.

We keep this stocked in both showrooms in bronze (and we have it in white in Waltham).

Pro tip: Use a smart home system to control your exterior and interior lights. Thanks to our recent merger with System 7, we make it super easy to do so. Stop by a showroom and simply ask!

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