Exterior Lighting Fixtures that Wow! Just Ask Wyndham Boston…

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We recently completed a project with The Wyndham Boston Hotel, where they changed up the exterior lighting fixtures on its façade. See the before-and-after photos below for comparison.

Before and After Installing LED Wall Washers at the Wyndham Boston

The new LED replacements (as seen on the right) throw much more light and add more visual interest to the building in general. Below, you’ll find details regarding the lighting product Wyndham chose.

JESCO’s LED Wall Washing Units (WW2T)

The WW2T is the next generation of wall washer series engineered with increased performance, efficacy, light output, and more control options. The WW2 series is suitable for outdoor wall washing applications, and you can control it independently without a DMX controller for simple colors and color changing effects. DMX control is optional for more advanced lighting programming and specific colors.


Programming an exterior light’s colors can be especially important for businesses as they try to connect with customers on an emotional level. For example, consider the color combinations below (and their subtle messages)

  • Red, white, and blue for 4th of July and/or the New England Patriots
  • Blue for Autism Speaks
  • All red for Valentine’s Day
  • All green for St. Patrick’s Day/Celtics
  • Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Orange for Halloween
  • And so forth

JESCO is a quality lighting manufacturer, one we’re proud to carry at Wolfers Lighting. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or to stop by one of our lighting showrooms.


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