Elegant Outdoor Lighting: Think Sconces

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Mother Nature has been playing tricks on us lately, but one thing is still certain: spring is here. And that means it’s the perfect time to take a stroll outside around your home, make note of broken lights, and determine where to add new fixtures.

What sort of fixtures should you add? Allow us to make a suggestion: sconces. Sconces can provide an extra layer of security while giving your home’s exterior a much-needed aesthetic boost after a long winter. 

Installing Sconces: Quick Tips

  • As a rule of thumb, select wall sconces 1/5th the height of your door (though larger fixtures can add drama it all depends on the look you’re trying to achieve).
  • Outdoor sconces or lanterns should be mounted with the center of the light source about 5′ 6″ to 6′ from the ground.

Consider LEDs, which are a great choice for elegant outdoor lighting. LEDs are durable and can withstand the elements, and LED bulbs last longer than other light sources.

Our Favorite Sconces This Season
We have so many gorgeous sconces available. Below, you’ll find some of our current favorites, all of which are LED.

  1. Murray Feiss LED Outdoor Wall Sconce. The stacked weathered zinc bars allow LED light to come through, producing a stunning visual effect. Choose from four different lengths: 5″, 18″, 26″, and 34″. See this sconce on display in our Allston lighting showroom.

Fiess' LED Outdoor Sconce

  1. Modern Forms “Boule” Sconce. Modern Forms takes the concept of elegance to a new level with this indoor/outdoor LED wall sconce. The textured optic glass provides a gorgeous glow and casts plenty of light. Choose from an oil-rubbed bronze finish or graphite finish. On display and stocked in both showrooms.

Modern Forms' Boule Outdoor Sconce looks fantastic when lit.

  1. Modern Forms “Vitrine” Sconce. Can you tell how much we love Modern Forms? This innovative lighting manufacturer was going for a specific look when it created this indoor/outdoor wall sconce, specifically raindrops falling gently on a windowpane.

As Modern Forms describes it, “This stunning effect is the result of concealed LEDs illuminating from above while casting a warm beam through clear hammered seeded mouth blown optic glass. The durable body and minimalist design complement a multiplicity of architectural styles.” You’ll find this lovely sconce on display (and stocked in bronze) in both of our lighting showrooms. It’s also available in graphite.

Modern Forms Vitrine Sconce looks even better in person.

4. Hubbardton Forge “Shard” Outdoor Sconce. Vermont-based Hubbardton Forge is another lighting manufacturer we love, and for good reason: they handcraft all of their fixtures. This particular sconce gets its name from the grey-colored shards embedded in the thick hand-poured clear glass blocks created by the Vermont artisans at AO Glass. LEDs illuminate these glass blocks, and the vertical back plate provides an extra dose of panache. It’s available in Hubbardton Forge’s classic finishes, and you’ll soon be able to see this gorgeous sconce in a dark smoke finish in both of our showrooms.

Hubbartdon Forge's "Shard" Sconce

Do you need help selecting the perfect outdoor sconces for your home? Our lighting experts are ready to help! Make an appointment today.



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