Disappearing Act: Séura’s TV Mirrors Amaze

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As we continue to work more closely with our technology division, System 7, we enjoy introducing our customers to exciting new technologies.

One of the most innovative products and one of our favorites to talk about is the Séura TV mirror.

What is a TV mirror? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a TV that disappears when switched off, melting away into a beautiful framed mirror. No more black box on the wall.

Witness the magic for yourself. Now you see it…

Seura's TV Mirror with Vanishing Entertainment Glass shows a TV when it is on...

And now you don’t…

And the TV disappears when you switch it off, appearing like a framed mirror on the wall.

Séura was founded by Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson in 2003 with the vision of a TV that would blend seamlessly into a room’s décor and “bridge the gap between design and technology.”

As technology has continued to permeate every aspect of our lives, Séura has evolved their focus into eliminating the gap between design and technology, blurring the lines between art and science and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Just look at how easily the TV mirror disappears in the Great Room below. It’s there when you need it…

In this Great Room, Seura's TV Mirror with Vanishing Entertainment Glass is ready for game day above the fireplace.

And hidden in plain sight when you don’t…

When the TV Mirror is switched off, however, it fades away into the rest of the Great Room decor as a simple framed mirror.

And the innovations don’t stop there, either.

The TV mirrors we’ve shown so far are part of their Entertainment TV Mirrors series. Séura also offers mirrors developed specifically for bathrooms and spas: their Vanity TV Mirrors.

What’s the main difference between the two? The glass they use for the Vanity TV Mirrors is more reflective than the Entertainment series.

Think of it this way: with the Vanity TV Mirrors, reflectivity is a higher priority because the mirror also has to be useful to you as you go about your morning routine. With the Entertainment TV Mirrors, the priority is a higher-quality TV viewing experience, and so the glass is not quite as reflective.  

Here are some more action shots. Check the weather or catch up on Netflix while you’re prepping for your day…

This classic master bathroom features a Seura TV mirror with Vanishing Vanity Glass in the center of a long vanity.

And then switch the TV off when you’re done…

When the TV mirror is switched off, you'd never guess this traditional vanity had such a high-tech component!

More features & benefits:

  • Feel good about a purchase made in the USA. Séura’s mirrors are made in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
  • Match the look to your design aesthetic. Alongside a variety of standard options, Séura also offers many possible customizations. These range from custom sizes to custom frames to customizations like adding a mirror defogger (a very practical add-on for a vanity mirror!).
  • Choose from various lighting options. Another practical add-on for a vanity mirror is built-in lighting. Séura offers five standard lighting configurations for their TV mirrors, and they can also accommodate custom requests and custom designs. The integrated LED lighting is 3000K and 90CRI for crisp, clean task light.

Below, you can see a lighted TV mirror with the Forte lighting configuration tracing the mirror’s edge.

Seura's Vanishing Vanity TV mirrors can have lights added to them like the Forte configuration shown here for an elegant task lighting solution.

The lighting and TV are controlled separately, so you can opt for lighting only, a TV, or both!

Not interested in a TV and just looking for a special lighted mirror for your master bath? Séura does those too! They offer even more configurations in their Lighted Mirrors series with a beautiful selection of designs from organic…

Seura's Wanderlust Lighted Mirror features tropical-inspired leaves etched down either side.

To structured…

Seura's Deconstructed Deco lighted mirror has a glowing geometric pattern around all four edges.

To sleek, classic contemporary…

You can't go wrong with Seura's classic contemporary Allegro Lighted Mirror.

And many more. Plus, of course, you can opt for custom designs to echo any design element in your décor.

In addition to TV mirrors with or without lights, and lighted mirrors without TVs, Séura also has a line of waterproof TVs that can be recessed into a wall.

Where might you use a waterproof TV? How about in the shower or above the bathtub so you catch up on highlights after a long day?

Seura's Indoor Waterproof TV is a perfect way to catch up on sports highlights while you shower.

Or maybe in the kitchen, embedded into the backsplash? This is one of our favorite applications, because there are no cords to get tangled and no valuable countertop real estate being taken up by a standard TV or an iPad. And since the TV is waterproof, you simply wipe it clean if you splash something on it while you’re cooking.

Seura's Indoor Waterproof TV is also perfectly at home recessed into a kitchen backsplash.

These are just a few highlights from what Séura offers, and we’re so excited to share them with you.

Questions? Comments? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Want to incorporate a Séura TV into your home’s technology design? Make an appointment with us using the button below to explore the possibilities.

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