Dim to Warm LED: Yes, It is Possible

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Nothing beats the cozy, warm vibe that traditional incandescent lamps give off as they dim. Unfortunately, a regular dimmable LED lamp can’t produce this same effect.

Fixtures that warm in color as they dim can enhance the coziness of your space

The good news? There is a solution: warm dim technology an LED fixture or bulb that has white and amber LED chips inside. When you dim these bulbs, the amber chips incandesce and dim as the white chips dim, producing that warm glow we all love.

Why use warm dim?

  • Perfect for entertaining. Warm light is welcoming light and helps put people at ease. So adding warm dim to fixtures in your dining room and other entertaining spaces is a smart strategy.
  • Wonderful for romantic settings, too. Have you ever been out for a romantic dinner at an Italian restaurant around the time they dim the lights? There’s a reason for that! It’s all about creating an intimate atmosphere. That soft, warm glow makes people feel naturally cozy.
  • Ideal for circadian rhythms. Some studies suggest that the color of ambient light can shift human circadian rhythms for the better. In other words, spending time around bluer light in the evening (think the blue glow of phone screens or computer screens) can keep us awake long past our biological clocks would like. Using more amber lighting can be easier on the eyes and our bodies.
  • All the benefits of “regular” LED lighting. Your warm dim LEDs provide all the benefits of regular LED lamps, including energy efficiency and durability.


Where should you use warm-dim fixtures and lamps in the house?

Focus on the areas where you’re already dimming lights dining rooms, entertainment areas, bedside tables and ask yourself whether a warmer hue would be suitable and add to the overall ambiance.


What should you look for in a warm-dim fixture or lamp?

As with all LEDs, make sure you check the warranty, lighting facts, and dimming compatibility with your existing dimmer. Good news: It’s easy to swap out lamps in a whole room quickly. Bonus: most have been designed to work with traditional incandescent dimmers. That said, warm-dim fixtures can be an investment, but availability is increasing in the LED market, which will eventually bring down prices.


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