Designer Lighting Spotlight on Hinkley Lighting

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Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your home’s exterior lighting so that it enhances all of your outdoor activities. Think family BBQs, fun nights around the fire pits, and relaxing evenings on the porch.

One of the best designer lighting brands for the job? Hinkley Lighting.

Since 1922, Hinkley Lighting has been producing high quality indoor, outdoor, and landscape lighting fixtures. Today, this fourth generation family-owned business boasts three different lighting brands:

  • Hinkley Lighting
  • Fredrick Raymond
  • Hinkley Landscape Lighting

All are excellent, producing stylish, yet timeless lighting fixtures that you can use throughout your home.

Below, we’re focusing on some showroom favorites for the outdoors.


1. Wall Lanterns for the Win. Nothing says “Welcome” like sparkling lanterns and post lights outside your front entrance. A well-lit entrance is also important from a safety perspective. Lighting near the front door shows guests where to go and illuminates any potential obstacles, such as steps and planters. Wall lanterns on the deck can also help the person in charge of the grill. 

Here are some of our favorite Hinkley wall lanterns:

Bromley Wall Lantern

The Bromley Two Light Outdoor Wall Mount. Talk about handsome! The Bromley conveys sophistication in an Oil Rubbed Bronze finish that complements any facade. Specialty touches include a “Shepard’s Hook,” decorative scrolled arm, detailed top finial, and curved lower support arm, all of which highlight Bromley’s homage to tradition and quality.

We keep this stocked in our Waltham showroom in different sizes so that you can choose the perfect one for your home.


Hinkely's Harbor Wall Lantern

Harbor One Light Wall Mount. On display in Waltham, the Harbor offers a nautical feel inspired by the clean, strong lines of a welcoming lighthouse. Choose from multiple sizes.



Freeport One Light Hanging Lantern. Perfect for tall overhangs on your front porch, the Freeport features a classic New England design that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. We keep the Freeport stocked and on display in both showrooms, and we have wall and post mount versions as well.


2. Landscape Lighting Done Right. Unlike the way we light the inside of our homes, we can use a lighter touch when it comes to landscape lighting. Since our eyes naturally adjust to darkness, we don’t need as much light as we might use inside the house.

  • Pro Tip: to get an idea of where you should add lighting, take a flashlight outside at night and test-drive where to add luminaires.

We can break down landscape lighting into different “types,” including task and accent lighting.

Task Lighting. Path lights cast light downward without glare making them perfect for outdoor activities, such as bringing the trash out at night or taking an evening stroll along a garden path. Here are two good options:

The Copper Essence Path Light

Essence. See this beauty in our Waltham showroom. It’s sure to add a “WOW” factor to your landscape lighting.


Hinkley's Hardy Island carries a lifetime warranty.

Hardy Island. Stocked in Waltham, the Hardy Island Collection features solid brass casting for a fixture with a lifetime finish guarantee even in coastal locations.

Accent Lighting. The right accent lighting can help keep your grounds well lit and safe, but accent lights can also add dramatic effects by illuminating a tree/shrub/flowerbed or other architectural feature.



LED Flood Beam Hinkley’s accent lights are a showroom favorite for their versatility. You can adjust each light to add LED and different beam spreads. These lights also have different lens options for total customization.

Pro tips for buying the right landscape and outdoor lighting:

  • Review the Warranty. Check the warranty and make sure it is rated for your location (e.g. coastal).
  • Pay attention to Kelvin Temperature if using LED. Warmer color temperatures (think 2700K) look warm and flattering.

And, of course, if you have questions, you can always make an appointment with one of our lighting consultants.



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