Choosing the Right LED Desk Lamp for You

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There are many LED desk lamps to choose from!

At Wolfers Lighting, we stay up to date on the latest in LED lighting and green technology. Two examples are the award-winning Equo desk lamp and Square Walnut’s innovative Seagull Light.

Designed for simplicity and sustainability, the Equo LED desk lamp sets a high industry standard for future green lighting elements. The Equo features a thin and feather-light design with a mostly aluminum composition. This LED lamp contains 53% of recycled material and uses energy saving LED lights, each with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, an overall environmentally sound and energy efficient lighting solution.

The Seagull Light is an innovatively designed LED table lamp that takes the form and function of a flying seagull. In response to the eco trend, the Seagull adopts LED as its lighting source, consuming significantly less energy than traditional lighting sources, yet providing the same brightness for both ambient light and reading functions. The lamp’s unique design allows for interactive fun and function while also being LED energy efficient.


To learn more about the latest in LED lighting products and energy efficient technology, visit Wolfers’ Green Zone.

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