5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Ceiling Fan

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As the weather heats up, we search for strategies to stay cool. One that you should definitely consider is the ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans have several key benefits:

  • Energy savings. Ceiling fans can give your hard-working (and energy-sucking) AC a break.
  • Year-round use. Ceiling fans aren’t just for summer. They can help circulate warm air in the winter as well.
  • Perfect home accents. Today’s ceiling fans use a wide variety of materials, which makes for some interesting looks.
  • Functionality. In addition to circulating the air, ceiling fans with light provide extra utility.

Here are five tips for selecting the perfect ceiling fan.

1. Make sure your fan comes with the ability to switch directions. You want your fan to push air down in the summer and up in the winter (to keep warm air circulating).

2. Consider your room’s dimensions. If you have a medium-sized room (about 15′ x 15′), choose a 42″ fan. If your room is larger than that, then a 52″ fan will likely push enough air.

3. Pay attention to ceiling height. Fan blades need to be at least 7 feet off the floor and 8 feet to 9 feet might even be better. If you need to get close to the ceiling, consider a “hugger fan.”

Here’s a good example of a hugger fan: Modern Fan Company’s Velo Hugger. It’s a stylish addition to any room, especially those with shorter ceilings. We have it on display and stocked in both lighting showrooms.

Modern Fan Company's Velo Hugger is a stylish option for shorter ceilings.

Note: Many fans are shipped with downrods for 8-foot and 9-foot ceilings. If your ceiling is taller than that, you can buy longer downrods. If you have a vaulted ceiling, you’re in luck most manufacturers will ship the fan with a vaulted ceiling adapter that helps make sure your fan sits plumb.

4. Understand how you want to control your ceiling fan. You can install a regular wall switch for some ceili
ng fans. For others, you might have remotes or wall controls that control speed, dim the light, and even reverse direction.

Here’s a good example: Minka Aire’s Pancake Fan. Slim and sleek, this ceiling fan comes with a full function wireless remote control that features three speeds AND controls forward and reverse (it also includes a wall holster if you’d rather keep it in one spot). See it in person in Waltham, but we keep it stocked in both showrooms.

Minka Aire's Pancakle Fan has a sleek contemporary look.

Remember, accessory and control offerings can vary from fan to fan. Discuss your control preferences with your consultant and he or she will help you find out if you need to order any accessories.

5. Know your style. Do you want your fan to be styled in the same manner as your room? Or would you like your fan to blend in with your ceiling?

For a more traditional look, check out Minka Aire’s Sundance fan, which features classic styling. Bonus: you can use it outdoors! We have it on display in White in both showrooms, but we also keep the Oil Rubbed Bronze (shown below) finish in stock.

Minka Aire's Sundance offers a classic look.

For a more modern aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with the Light Wave (also by Minka Aire), which features an LED light and remote control. See this one in White in our Waltham Showroom, or Silver in Allston but you can pick up either color in both showrooms.

Minka Aire's Light Wave features a LED light and great finish colors.

If you need help choosing a ceiling fan for your home, our lighting consultants would be happy to assist. Stop by soon or schedule an appointment.


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