4 Reasons to Visit a Wolfers Lighting Lab

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If you’re looking for lighting inspiration for your home, it’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed. The solution? A visit to a Wolfers lighting lab.

Here are four ways our lighting labs help homeowners on the hunt for the perfect fixture. 

1. You get the latest LED technology at the flip of a switch. 
See the newest generation of LED recessed lights, undercabinet lights, lighting controls, and other light fixtures. We’re constantly updating our labs with what’s new, popular, and tested. Which brings us to our next point.  

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2. You can count on tested LED products that work. 
We’re incredibly thoughtful about our lighting lab displays. We use products that offer reliability in the specific setting shown (e.g. kitchen, bathroom, etc.). You’re bound to find a product that works for your budget. Not only that, but we often keep displayed fixtures in stock, which helps shorten your lead times. 

3. You’ll experience our lighting products in real life.
Looking at fixtures online or in catalogs isn’t the same as experiencing the light fixture in person and in an environment that acts and feels like the environment in which the product will live in a real home or office.  

For example, do you want to use a wall washer on your brick fireplace? Maybe a wall grazer? See both in action. Our lighting labs will also provide a better sense of proportion since you can see what the fixture will look like installed.  

4. You can rely on our lighting consultants’ deep knowledge and enthusiasm to assist you.
Our sales consultants have dedicated many years and thousands of hours on lighting. These folks know their stuff and love working with homeowners. To wit:our very own Susan Arnold won the gold award for best sales associate at the 2016 Prism Awards.

 Wolfers' Waltham Living Room Lab

Our knowledgeable associates can monitor your wish lists and answer questions, keep track of your selections, check factory availability for potential pieces, and answer questions as needed.

As our Waltham lighting showroom manager, Joyce Gravel, explains, “Our lighting labs allow you to see and understand a lighting effect, a light source, or a specific fixture. Plus, we can show you products, while asking relevant questions. This allows us to better help you make a decision or selection that makes sense for your project.”

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